Course Title: MA-1 News Reporting and Sub-Editing                             Fall 2020

Course Code: MCOM-6204                                                             Credit Hours: 3

Time Table     Every Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Instructor: Faisal Aziz                      Email: [email protected]


The course ‘News Reporting and Sub-Editing’ intends to apprise the students about the basics of news writing, news editing, newsgathering, news reporting and news analysis for print and electronic media. At an initial level, this course will train the students about the professional standards and in the next phase, it will guide the modern techniques. It is designed to equip students with theoretical knowledge along with skills required to conceive research and produce news reports across the media in different beats. The course also focuses on learning the importance of accuracy, balance and consistency in news. It will also develop a keen news sense, and understanding how to structure an effective news story by identifying the strongest angle and intro. With beat reporting, students would be able to understand the requisites required for specialized reporting. Through this course, students would be able to not only write news reports with the proper structure for specific beats but also execute the procedures and techniques of sub-editing with proficiency.


To understand  News Reporting, Editing and Practical exposure.

To understand   Print Media Evolution and Development and also its specific implication.

 To understand   Newspaper, Magazine and basics skill of print media.

To understand future trends and its techniques and developments.


Recommended Texts

  1. Clark, R. (2017). America‘s best newspaper writing.Bedford: St.Martin’s.
  2. Rich, C. (2015). Writing and reporting news: A coaching method (8thed.). Boston: Cengage Learning.
  3. Frank Jossi. An Introduction to Reporting in Pakistan

Suggested Readings

  1. Ukonu, M.  (2013). News editing and design. Nigeria: Grand Heritage.
  2. Vincent, F.  (2018). Dynamics of news reporting and writing: Foundational skills for a digital age. Washington: CQ Press..


  1. Basics concepts of news: Definition, Elements and Values of news
  2. Structure of news
  3. Sources of news
  4. Characteristics of news
  5. News writing techniques
  6. Definition and types of headlines
  7. Purposes and qualities of headlines
  8. Principles of headline making
  9. Qualities and responsibilities of news reporter
  10. Difference between news reporting in print and electronic media
  11. Beat Reporting I: Crime, Accidents, Disaster, Conflict, Court, Obituary
  12. Beat Reporting II: Sports, Business, Health, Education, Politics, Parliament
  13. An art of conducting Interviews
  14. Techniques sub-editing
  15. Qualities and responsibilities of Sub-Editor
  16. Journalistic Translation
  17. Types and techniques of make-up, basic principles of make-up
  18. Computerized page designing and use of computer in news room

Course Material