Proceedings of Court


It is the appearance of a defendant before a judge to here the charges against him to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.


FIR (culprit/accused) arrangement (defendant)


Bench Trial

Bench trial is where more than one judge is on trial



The order of the honorable court, which are to be implemented.


Pleader (Public Officer/ Prosecutor)

Pleader is a person who deals Govt. cases in which there is a fear that law order situation might get worse or a person who deals with the cases of general public.


Which is unable to give the fee of a lawyer.

Plaintiff (Complaint)



A person who is the culprit or accused.



The paper that lets the defendant to appear on a particular day for the hearing.


Injunctions (Stay order)

The order of a court that requires a person or a party to do or cease doing a specific action.



Offence refers to a crime.



The blame put on a defendant by a plaintiff.



A group of people which is appointed by the court to maintain balance in the society. It investigates along with the police, interviews others and taken statements. (ballif recovers women, children from brick kiln).