Specialized Journalism (COMS 414)



Specialized Journalisam is designed for the students of communication media studies so that they can get introduced to practical aspacts of journalism i.e. how to work in beats and how to get the news from beats, This cours basically intorduces students to the working of different departments (beats), their structure and working style, problems in different beats and how to get information about the problems, This course also intoduces students about basic administrative structure of Pakistan, along with it, it introduces the students about the importance of Journalistic sources and how to get information from sources that is important for news organizations. Course will let studtnts know about working of paramilitary forces and their designations.

Learning Out Cones:

The objective of this course is to introduce the students with different beats, their issues and train the students for understanding these beats for future reporting and writing. It is also a primary objective of course to teach the students about the structure and duties of different departments. This course will help the students to understand the media industry in future.


   Material will be provided through websites and notes.


 Beats specialized areas.  Geographical and administrative division of Pakistan. Labour beat. Writing about issues. Health. Article about health issues. Environment. Education Issues in media ( poverty, energy crises, gender discrimination etc). Structure and role of government departments. Law enforcement agencies. Structure of whole educational departments. Structure and duties of TMA, Cantonment board and duties. Structure of FBR and its duties. Structure of Revenue department and its duties. Writing practice as articles.


Students should have basic knowledge of News, news values, basic structure of news i.e news of Print media and News of Electronic Media


Sessional (attendance + presentations + assignments + participations):          20      

Mid-term exam:                                                                                                  30

Final exam:                                                                                                        50

Rules and Regulations

  • 80 % class attendance is a must.
  • Assignments would not be accepted after the due date.
  • Originality of work would be ensured in case of assignments.
  • In group presentations, group members have to divide the sub-topics in consultation with the teacher.

Important Dates

Start date: March 01, 2021  End date: May 8, 2021

First Assignment: 5th Week

Presentation: 8th Week

Second Assignment: 14th Week

Second Presentation: 18


Course will be taught to BS8 PPP Campus


Course Material