What is Editing?

Subbing or Sub Editing


Subbing or sub-editing is the process of selecting, vetting, identifying of the news stories to make them capable for writing, rewriting, designing, copy making and printing according to the standard language law and the policy of news media organization. Subbing process:

  1. Collection of News Stories

Reporters, Staff reporters, Correspondent

  1. Press Releases:

Press Note, Hand out

  1. Fax/Mail

Fax (creed), Mail (Internet)


Sub Editor

Sub editor is a person who edits news stories, rewrite the news, check the accuracy or authenticity, correct the language, choose the appropriate words, make the headlines, decision about the space, make up or design the page and write editorial according to the laws and policy of news media organization. In other words, subeditor is responsible for the whole process from the selection of the news to the printing of the newspaper.


Types of Sub Editor

  1. Stinger/Trance subeditor, ii) Desk incharge, iii) shift incharg, iv) Executive/Managing Editor,
  1. Proof reader, vi) Resident Editor


Personal trait/ Quality of Subeditor

  1. Good looking, ii) Reading habits, iii) Punctual, iv) Active, v) well mannered
  1. Aesthetic sense, vii) Tolerance, viii) Honest


Professional Quality of Sub Editor

  1. All rounder            ii) Languages abilities