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Political Beat News

Staff Reporter

Karachi November , Munawar Hassan had declared Hakimullah Mehsud, the leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, as the real martyr which refused to give the same status to the martyred soldiers who fought in Pakistan’s war. The whole nation had stood untidily against Munawar Hassan’s comments where as the supporters of TTP had appreciated his views. Furthermore, ISPR had criticized Munawar Hassan for pass inappropriate comments. Resultantly the partner of Munawar Hassan, JUI wrote a letter to Prime Minister, Highlighting that ISPR, had no right to intervene in the politics of the state.


Court beat News

Gujranwala December 2, District and session judge had ordered life imprisonment to a person named Nadeem Baig, for looting the house of DSP on Monday morning. The robber had entered the house and looted two lakh rupees and heavy jewels on a gun point and escaped. FIR was lodged in a nearby police.


Crime Beat Reporting



Crime is an offence against the existing law of any state.