What is Reporting and its types?



Reporting Tips (Clues, Principles)


  1. Be a thief

To make a story exclusive or scoop, reporter should act as a thief. Info should be stolen. For example, water gate scandal, reporter worked for 3 years. Due to his report Richard Niton had to give resignation or Kamran Khan revealed the corruption case of NICL. It is a way of investigate reporting. To collect info, facts. Even Chief Justice  takes notice of such cases or news. NOBI scam, so thousand mark 200,000. To develop interest and grab, audience, attentive.


  1. Be Quick on Your Feet

It is used in TV reporting as reporter has to report the news immediately. Be quick, be sharp. Media increases the sped. Elaborate the event quickly. In print media, it means to recheck the writing to eliminate the flaws. Eg in BBC or during elections reporters asked questions from each and every party.


  1. Save Surprises

When scandals are going to be revealed people should not have any information regarding it. Reporters should reveal the surprises at a particular time. During reporting, some surprises are saved as to be delivered later for example Abrar Abbas (to be continued).


  1. Fall in Love with Every Story

Every story should be given same importance. There should be no ohfferentition. For example 2 accidents at different places should be covered easily. It depends upon your potential.

  1. Be Quite and Get Close

Reporters get close to personality during Press Conference or interview. For example Pervaiz Rashid Minister of Information, were asked questions regarding Hakimullah Mehsud, who was killed in Drone attack. During a good piece of information, reporter asks a question and then stays quite. Closeness may later true into personal interest.


  1. Check your Facts

Check all facts before printing it or making it on air. All parties attribution. For example DAWN gives authentic news.


  1. Learn from Everyone

A good reporter is one who learns from every one.


  1. Don’t impress, Just Inform

Have a good look, be appropriate in writing. Don’t impress. Be simple, concise and inform others. Impression should be good.



5 C’s in Reporting

  1. Complete
  • Information, grammar, using phrases.
  • Be complete in reporting from every aspect.

Information should be complete with all facts and parties and attribution. Use phrases especially in English journalism, into is every 50 to 100 words. Its audience is educated. Give expression.


  1. Concise

Brief, Simple, auoid jargons.

Eg if SC gives a decision of 255 pgs but in reporting, news will be, SC has taken away the powers of President to dissolve the NA use words which are understandable by majority. A prime tip in reporting.

  1. Creative

Sterotype, New Ideas, Discoveries

When potentials will be polished, ideas will be developed, which means creativity. Tv is a game of ideas, stereotype, things that are seen daily. Reporter, leaves these things and create news things. Be a good observer during tv reporters, packages.


  1. Correct

Name, portfolios, foreign names, designation.

Write full and correct name, secretary of state, John Kessy, UN’s General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon.


  1. Credible

Sources, authenticity, grabs attention

Dawn is a credible, quality and authentic newspaper. It is mentions its sources. This gets value and weight to news.