What are the purpose, importance and rules of sub editing?

Structure of Head Line

Headline, droper, Hanger, Deck



The space of the page reserved for headline while the process of page making is called deck.


Standard of Words

One column news or headline is 6 to 12 words.

Two column news or headline is 6 to 12 words.

Droper 16 to 22 words.

Hanger 16 to 22 words.


Streamer or Banner Head Line

The head line stretches across the whole page started from one side of the page and ends to the other eddies called banner head line.


Main Head Line

The most important news which is printed prominently on the first page is called a main story and its head line is called or known as main lead or lead or main head line.


Super Lead

The second important news story is called super lead and its head line known as super lead. As well it depended on your space. Jung always standard 5 Column.


Inverted Pyramid

The head line in which every lower line starts and ends with little difference from upper lines and makes a shape of opposite or reverse triangular shape is called inverted pyramid.