Court Beat reporting

COURT BEAT REPORTING Court An assembly including one or more judges to conduct judicial business or the hall chamber or place where justice is administered. Types of Court i) High Court Supreme court, high court, Federal Sharia Court. ii) Lower Court 1. Civil Court Monetary, property issues are discussed such matters are not discussed due to which life is at risk. Civil judge (magistrate powers). 2. Session Court District & Session judge deals with criminal cases. FIR and prosecutions are present, under these judges, 5 additional & session judges are present who controls 4 to 5 police stations. 3. Banking Court The level of banking court judge is equal to the level of district and session judge. It deals with loaning, pledging, monetary. 4. Anti-terrorism Court It is constructed acc to anti-terrorism act (ATA)/ along with session court, it has the right to even hang the person. This is bound to give verdict within 90 days i.e. after the submission of challan which is submitted within 60 days/. The level of the judge is equal to the level of district & session court judge. In Sargodha the judge sits for 3 days. He also cliscusses sections matters. 5. Family Courts Civil judge deals with family cases such as Khula, divorce, adoption and protection of children. Due to less space, civil judge deals with it. 6. Consumer Courts The level of Consumer court judge is equal to district & session court judge. These courts are working under consumer protection councils. This reporting is not alone in Pakistan because of the interest of the advertisers. A reporter is bound to do so due to the media organizations policy. 7. Anti-Corruption Courts The level of judge is equal to the level of district & session court judge. If nepotism is done, the court deals with it. Mostly, property dealers indulge in corruption. Anti-corruption establishment (ACE) are under this court. In it director is head under whom are deputy directors and under whom are anti-corruption officers. Sargodha is a corrupted region. In Mianwali, Khushab and Bhakkar, anti-corruption officers sit. The court can only fine them or give them a punishment for 7 years but can’t hang them. 8. Human Rights Courts This court is included in session court. The district & session judges are made the director of this court i.e. Director Human Rights. If a policeman has misbehaved with a person, the person lodges complaint in this court that the human rights have been violated. 9. Labor Courts Matters of labor, insecurity, salaries etc are discussed. They deal with factories or industries. If labour is not given its rights the labor file case against the authority the judge is the labor officers who is now executive district officer. Now EDO community development or do deals with it. 10. Revenue Courts EDO (revenue) deals with it under whom is DOR, under whom is DDO (R). this is an executive office. Matters like transfer of property are discussed. Now civil courts here taken then work from revenue courts. 11. Accountability Court These work under NAB. A fraud case of more than 1 cror is discussed here. This court is constructed acc to ordinance. The const does not mention it. NICL scandal NAB filed a case. 12. FIA Courts FIA courts deal with deported people. The judge work here part time. Bribery is common here.