News Values



News values, sometimes called news criteria determine how much prominence a news story is given by a media outlet, and the attention it is given by the audience.

A: Boyd states that: “News journalism has a broadly agreed set of values often referred to as newsworthiness.”

Some news values are listed below:



            “Proximity or nearness refers to geographic nearness.”

Normally a reader is more interested in an event geographically nearer than the one which has taken place in some remote part of the world. If an event happening somewhere else that does not affect them as much in another state or country.

Example: If people killed in blast in Lahore it has greater affect on the peoples of Lahore or Pakistan but do not have same affect on those who live in UK.



            “Prominence is a one word way of saying “Big names make news.”

“Prominence means persons, places, things and situations known to public for their whether social position, achievement or previous publicity.”

            Famous people get more coverage just because they are famous. The reporter should always add as many prominent names and places (i.e. trump white house) in news stories as possible. The more renowned a particular name, place, event or situation the more interest in the news will create among its readers. This is the part of human interest. People are more interested in famous names.

Example: if a farmer of American has an affair, it’s not going to make the newspaper when the President of United States has an affair, its front page news. Similarly, if you break your arm the Queen of England breaks her arm its big news. This is why lifestyles of the “Rick and Famous” was a successful news. Because stories concerned with rich, famous global powers receive more attention/Coverage.



            “Journalism is about bringing people the latest news.”

If you’re not first on the scene, someone else will be. People don’t want to hear old news or news they’ve already heard about. When the event occurred plays a big part in whether or not said event is newsworthy. Current news has more impact than something that happened yesterday or last week. The news media loses interest in past events because there is always fresh news somewhere. If the news business, newer is better and news as a baked good served fresh after a while its sale and nobody is interested.

Example: Geo News can break the latest news at first that’s why they have more viewers as compared to some other local news channels.



            “Something is unusual, shocking or bizarre, the strangers alone could make it newsworthy.”

Rarity means something different, something against the general routine of people, something amazing, something incredible, something astonishing, something unusual, anything any action, any hobby, any incident, people would hardly prepare to believe it. The unusual or strange will help lift a story out of the ordinary but facts also essential.



  1. The birth of twins is though not very common yet is normal can be believed in easily. But the news of quadruplets (four children born at the same time to the same mother) is capable enough to surprise people.
  2. The news of accident is not surprising but the news of drastic change occurred in the world due to climate change is more surprising.
  3. If an ordinary parachute makes an ordinary landing there is no real value. If the parachute fails to open and pilot lands safely this is news.