This course is designed to train students of Media Studies in regard to develop skills of magazine journalism. The course combines the practical and technical skills of journalism, editing and production with a professional understanding of Magazine Journalism. Practically, this experience includes the craft of writing and creating magazines, culminating in students producing their own creative and business publishing portfolio.This course also persuate students for their prectical career that how magazine journalism works. It covers both theory and practice. 

Course Title: Magazine Journalism                                Spring-2020

Course Code: COMS 608                                              Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Faisal Aziz                                  Email: [email protected] 

Learing Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding Magazine Journalism

Exploring the vibrant, challenging, and diverse magazine industry

Developing their own areas of interest and put these into practice in Magazine Journalism


Students should have basic knowledge effective storytelling, such as researching, news gathering and interviewing, to create engaging news and features for magazine markets.


Important Dates Wednesday-Thursday 11:00-12:30

Start Date 13-01-2020                                                                        End Date 08-05-2020

1st Assignment            week 06                                               2nd Assignment Week 15



Presentation: 10

Attendance: 5

Assignment: 5 

Mid-Term: 30

Final exam: 50


 80 % class attendance is a must.

 Assignments would not be accepted after the due date.

 Originality of work would be ensured in case of assignments.

 In group presentations, group members have to divide the sub-topics in consultation with the teacher.

Course Material