Traits of Crime Reporter

  1. Fact Finder

See the record and actual facts on ground. Compare both and start investigation. For example in shahpur, a mentally retired person was sentenced to death a investigative story.


  1. Basic Knowledge

Reporter should know about Pakistan Penal Court-1962 (PPC-1962). Wheat are its clauses & punishment is given due to which crime and acc to which clause.



  1. Brave

Courageous as causalities occur.


  1. Police Structure

Hierarchy of police i.e. from where he can get a best report.


  1. Analyst

GEO FIR tells about the no. of street crimes. Though, there are other crimes but still discussing street crimes become analysts of crime.


  1. Interviewing Skills

Affected party, defected party and eye witnesses. This is done to give attribution in news.