Source of Crime Beat

  1. Police Stations

Station house officer (SHO), Investigation Officer, Muharar (who writes FIR), Inspector General (IG), Deputy Inspector General (DIG)/Regional Police Officer (RPO), District Police Office (DPO/SSP), Sub Divisional Police Officer (DSP/ASP).

  • Attribute with affected and defected party. DPO office is a big source at district level.
  • Orderal room, dpo against culprit police officers give punishments.
  • Record branch in DPO office, tells efficiency of police officers and stations.
  • IG office, all crime statistics come from IG office, geo FIR.


  1. Friends

Reporter make friends to use them as a source.


  1. Eye Witnesses

In TV reporting, eye witness are the most reliable source.


  1. Complaint/ Plaintiff

Valid source ask both against Musharaf state is plaintiff.


  1. Accused/ Culprit

Their viewpoint is necessary to make the news unbiased.


  1. Hospitals/ Trauma Centre/ Emergencies

Unidentified dead bodies from canal, doctors in emergencies tells instantly what has happened to the person.


  1. Postmortem Report

Rajhar Lake, 5 People shooted with gun. A postmortem report can be use as source.


  1. Rescue 1122

If a person shooted on same place, people call resuce 1122.