Importance of Court Reporting

  1. Power of Courts

What powers are possessed by higher and lower courts. Each high court has a registry of supreme court where one or two judges sit. They decide federal issues prevailing in provinces. Zardari’s two posts are not acceptable. This is discussed in federal registry of Lahore High court. Media make people aware of powers of courts.


  1. Performance of Courts

Check and Balance on court is maintained how court performed it role during Musharaf’s regime when court said that he can’t participate in elections in his army uniform.


  1. Judicial Activism

How the judiciary is active. Prices of routine commodities. In 1970s there was no judicial activism due to which much cases were no seen. Now judicial activism is common and separate page is present. CNN’s report on people who are 30,000 in argentine.


  1. Need of newspaper

People thrust to know whether justice is being done in society or no. there is a separate page of crime.


  1. Guidance for Lawyers

If some amendments are made in clauses, lawyers come to know about it. They take it as a reference.


  1. Guidance for Policy Makers

Policy makers see that what type of and how much crime is being done in country. The crimes guide the policy makers to revise a policy.