What is layout, Make up?


The process of arrangement of typography the size of the headlines number of stories to be publish. The size and number of pictures to be pasted on the copy according to the policy of the newspaper or magazine is called makeup or layout. It is done to beautify the page, enhance. The stall values, adjust the maximum printable, material and satisfy the reader esthetic.

Types of Makeup


Balance Makeup

In this makeup, the page designer tries to balance against heads, pictures against pictures, stories against stories and art work against art work. The reader gains the impression of restrained (focus) when we look at the page.


Contrast and Balance Makeup

It preserves balance but attempts to get away from the perfect balance and summary reach. When headlines of the same size and put in the same place in according to column. The makeup can balance a three column new head lines at the top of 6, 7, 8 with a three columns features. Headlines near the bottom of one, two and three column.


Broken or Mixed Makeup

In this type of makeup the page maker tries to avoid balance or any suggestion of it. Makeup editor is allowed complete freedom to obtain the effects he desire and many interesting and excellently made up pages result from this lack of definite portion. 


Circus Makeup

It is carried to the entrance with headline glaring black type and with dozen different part of the page fairly glimmering for attemption. There is no focus of interest. Often using evening newspapers.