The course provides the students theoretical and practical knowledge about important veterinary and public health and skills to diagnose and prevent important livestock diseases in Pakistan.

Theory Contents

1-Concept of disease and health in animal and human medicine.

2-Importance of animal diseases in national economy, signs of health and disease.

3- Types of animal diseases on the basis of etiology.

 4-Stress and immune system, body defense against diseases.

5-Principles of treatment of diseases, prevention, control and eradication of diseases. Etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, control and eradication (where relevant) of important diseases/disorders of livestock (Haemorrhagic septicaemia, Mastitis, Anthrax, Black quarter,

6- Enterotoxaemia, Tetanus, Pleuropneumonia, Foot and Mouth disease, Rabies, Pox,

7-Newcastle disease, Bird flu, Hemoglobinuria, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Pneumonia, Tympany, Hydrocyanic acid, nitrate & nitrite poisoning)

8-Macro and micro element deficiencies and imbalances relevant in Pakistan.

9-Disinfection, biosecurity and metaphalyxis. Zoonosis, WTO Accord in relation to the animal diseases prevalent in Pakistan.

10- Drug residues, veterinary medicine in relation to human health.


1-Behavior of different animal species as it relates to the practice of veterinary medicine.

2-Demonstration of methods of restraining of different animal species.

3- Recording the cardinal parameters of health (Body temperature, pulse and respiration).

4- Demonstration of disease diagnostic methods (palpation, auscultation, microscopic examination of feces, skin scrapings, blood, X-ray and ultrasonography.

5- Methods of drug administration in animals (oral and parenteral).6- Demonstration of veterinary first aid procedures (controlling haemorrhage, dressing wounds, artificial respiration,

7-use of splints in fractures, first aid in snake bite, heat stroke, tympany, drowning, burns, choke etc.).

Books Recommended

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  • Sisson, A. and J. D. Grossman. 1972. Anatomy of Domestic Animals. W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia, USA.
  • Ankers R.M. and D.M. Denbow. 2008. Anatomy and Phsiology of Domestic Animals. Blackwell Publishing Ltd., UK. 

Course Material