The course provides the students theoretical and practical knowledge of the population genetics. Students practically and theoretically trained for getting better genotype in the next generation. This course will help students gain an insight into the latest techniques for livestock improvement through genetics.


1-History of animal genetics

2-animal genetic resources of Pakistan

3- role of animal breeding in livestock production

4- biometrical concepts for assessing variation and association among traits

5- Quantitative characters and their inheritance in different species; breeds and their keepers

6- breeding methods for sustainable use of animal genetic resources

7- Opportunities for breeding and improvement of farm animals in Pakistan

8- Conservation of animal genetic resources: scope, techniques and problems

9- Biotechnologies in animal breeding.


1-Exercises on biometrical concepts related to measures of central tendency, measures of dispersions

2- association among traits at phenotypic and genetic level.

Books Recommended

1. Adebambo, O. 2010. Fundamentals of Animal Breeding and Genetics: History of animal genetics, African indigenous animal genetic resources, breed selection, development and statistical examples. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Publishing Co., UK []

2. Lasley. J. F. 1987. Genetics of Livestock Improvement. Prentice-Hall International Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA.

3. Legates, J. E. and E. J. Warwick. 1990. Breeding and Improvement of Farm Animals. McGraw-Hill Publi


Course Material