The objective of the course ‘Forest Policy and Law’ is to develop an understanding of forest policy and forest laws. The key objective of the course is to educate the student about developing the policy according to the basic need of the current period and to implement these policies to achieve the goals/objectives and to manage the resources on sustainable bases and protect the resources from exploitation.


The student will be able understanding the current objective of the forest management according the policy and challenges in the management and learn how to overcome the illegal activities according to the law.


  1. Asif Jah 2009 Explanatory Notes on Forest Law with up-to-date amendments. Compiled for the use of Forestry students at Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar.
  2. NWFP (KP) Forest Ordinance 2002
  3. The Baluchistan Forest Regulation. 1880. Notes  Complied by Naseem Javaid, PFI.
  4. GOP. National forest policy 2002, Ministry of environment, local government and rural development.
  5. Gop. National forest policy 2013. Ministry of environment and climate change.
  6. Khattak, G.M. (1973). Forest Management. Ferozsons, Peshawar.
  7. Notes on Forest act 1927 by  Compiled by ZABEEHULAH WADOOD M.Sc.(2010-12), PFI


  1. Sessional: 8 Marks
  2. Quiz: 2 Marks
  3. Presentation: 2 Marks
  4. Assignment: 2 Marks
  5. Attendance: 2 Marks
  6. Final Exam: 20 Marks
  7. Mid Exam: 12 Marks



Course Material