The objective of the course ‘Research Methods and Scientific Writing’ is to educate students for preparing research proposal, conducting research and to develop scientific writing skills.


  1. Definition and concept of research
  2. Concepts and types of Plagiarism and its consequences.
  3. Funding sources and developing a format for seeking research grants
  4. Selection of research topic, understanding the problems to be solved.
  5. Review of literature.
  6. Objectives of research projects.
  7. Materials involved, methods and approach in handling of projects;
  8. Data collection, Data Analysis and Interpretation by using modern statistical packages.
  9. Preparing manuscripts for publications.


  1. Exercise of writing research proposal
  2. Assigning different title to the students
  3. Exercise of collecting materials from different sources on assigned topics
  4. Oral presentation


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Mid Term Exam: 12

Sessional: 08 (Assignment + Presentation)

Final Exam: 20

Practical Exam: 20

Course Material