It includes orientation regarding literature review and project planning, e.g., title, hypothesis, objectives, methodology, execution, report writing, presentation and evaluation. In case of research projects, each student is assigned a topic (of his own choice in most cases) who conducts research and writes a report which is evaluated at the end of semester. The practical work done is evaluated throughout the semester. The students would be able to prepare research proposal and to conduct research.

If a student opts for Internship, then the mode of evaluation of the progress of work will be determined by the respective host institution.


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Research Project / Practical / Lab. / Assignment

The students will design research projects either singly or working in groups. Afterwards, they will layout experiments and conduct research project. At the end, they will collect data, analyse it and will write a report in the template of a research paper.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment of students will be made out of 80 marks in total, which will be as under:

Field Work / Experimental Work / Lab. Work = 20

Collection and Analysis of Research Data                      = 20

Writing of Project Reports / Scientific Publication          = 20

Written Paper                                                               = 20

Course Material