The objective of the course ‘Tree Eco-Physiology’ is to provide a broad understanding of functional tree biology. Modern forest science, ecology and management relies on tools and models based on functional parameters of trees, e.g. in forest growth modeling, estimating water use by forests, assessing risks by environmental extremes, quantifying carbon sequestration by forests. Graduation level forest scientists are expected to adequately and critically interpret such scenarios and outputs, a task that can only be achieved by the fundamental understanding of how the main forest resource – trees work. 


Graduate level students will understand the advanced and applied concepts of forests and forest management to become able practical foresters.


Recommended Books

  1. Taiz and Zeiger. 2006. Plant Physiology. USA
  2. Champion, H.G., S.k. Seth and G.M.Khattak., General Silviculture (Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar, 1965).
  3. Robert, M. D. 1999. Plant Physiology. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company. Melbourne Australia.


Mid Term Exam: 12

Sessional: 08 (Assignment + Presentation)

Final Exam: 20

Practical Exam: 20


Course Material