Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. Calculus is used in every branch of Physical sciences, computer sciences, medical and in other fields.This enables us to  learn the essential concepts of mathematics like limits, continuity, rate of change and broadly mathematical analysis. In this course the basic aim is to provide students with the essential concepts of biomathematics and how they use this to analyze the real data. 

Course Objectives: This course aims to provide students with the essential concepts of biomathematics and how these can be employed for analyzing real data.

Course Contents:

1.Real-number line, functions and their graphs, solution of equations involving absolute values, inequalities, binomial theorem and its use.

2. Limits and Continuity: Limit of a function, left-hand and right-hand limits, continuity, continuous functions.

3. Derivatives and their Applications: Differentiable functions, differentiation of polynomial, rational and transcendental functions, derivatives.

4. Integration and Definite Integrals: Techniques of evaluating indefinite integrals, integration by substitution, integration by parts, change of variables in indefinite integrals.

5. Application and importance of calculus for biotechnology; the exponential growth curve and growth equation.

Recommended Books:

1. Helfgott M, and Moore D, 2011. Introductory Calculus for the Natural Sciences. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, USA.

2. Neuhauser C, 2010. Calculus for Biology and Medicine. Prentice Hall 

3. Anton H et al., 2005. Calculus: A New Horizon. John Wiley, New York.

4. Thomas GB and Finney AR, 2005. Calculus.Addison-Wesley, Reading, USA.

5. Kumar A, 2011. Mathematics for biologist. First Edition; Alpha science international.

6. Calculus and Analytic Geometry , Punjab Text Book Board, Lahore.

Assessment Criteria 

Sessional = 20 Marks (Assignment/Presentation/Attendance/Class participation)

Mid Terms = 30 Marks

Final Term = 50 Marks

Timing Of Meetings

9:00 to 10:00 A.M

Wednesday to Friday

Mid Term Exam 


Course Material