Curriculum Development (Foundation)

Course Code: EDUC- 6403

Credit Hours: 3(3+0)


This foundation course “curriculum Development” is designed to; enable the learners to discuss concepts, history, curriculum development process, and various approaches, and issues to curriculum development. This course will also provide opportunities to enable and prepare learners to introduce the ideas and procedures involved in curriculum development and further develop their skills in curriculum design. The learner will be informed about various foundations on which the curriculum is based, defining and delineating the objectives, selection of content, its scope and outcomes, teaching strategies, curriculum evaluation, and design of instructional materials. This course will also include various factors that affect the process of curriculum development and implementation. The course also assists to develop a deeper understanding of the testing, measurement, and evaluation in the curriculum. It first examines the foundations of the curriculum then the conceptual framework and approaches to designing a curriculum. Comparative studies will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:

More specifically, the following are the main learning outcomes of this course:

  • To introduce the learners to the concept, history, and foundation of curriculum development generally and specifically with reference to Pakistan
  • To familiarize with the conceptual framework of curriculum development, its various types and approaches.
  • To introduce the content selection and evaluation process of the curriculum.
  • To Compare and contrast the comparative perspectives of curriculum development in different countries of the world.
  • To write curriculum objectives in behavioral terms
  • Should be able to apply principles of curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation in teaching and learning process and curriculum planning.


  1. Introduction to Curriculum
    1. The Nature of Curriculum
    2. Definition of Curriculum
    3. Component of Curriculum
    4. Need of Curriculum
    5. Scope of Curriculum
    6. Curriculum Planning and Development
      1. Characteristics of Curriculum Planning
      2. Process of Curriculum Development
      3. Effective Curriculum Planning
      4. Basic principles of Curriculum Development
      5. Elements of Curriculum
  2. History of Curriculum Development in Pakistan
    1. Development of Curriculum in Islam
    2. Development of Curriculum In the Sub-Continent
    3. Curriculum Development Science 1947
    4. Curriculum Development under various Education Policies
  3. Foundations of Curriculum
    1. Philosophy and Curriculum
    2. Psychological Foundations
    3. Sociological Foundations
    4. Historical Foundations
    5. Economic Foundations
  4. Conceptual framework of Curriculum Development
    1. Need for Conceptual Framework of Curriculum Development
    2. Models of Curriculum development
    3. Relationship Among the Elements
    4. A proposed Conceptual Framework
    5. Process of Curriculum Development
    6. Selection and Organization of Methods
    7. Bases for Selecting instructional Methods
    8. Curriculum Evaluation
  5. Aims Goals and Objectives of Education
    1. Conceptualization
    2. A Brief Review of the objectives Movement in Pakistan
    3. Taxonomies of Educational Objectives
  6. Content Selection and Organization Principles and Procedure
    1. Introduction to Content Selection
    2. The Selection of Curriculum Content
    3. Procedures for Content Selection
    4. Principles of Curriculum Organization
  7. Evaluation of Curriculum
    1. Curriculum Evaluation
    2. The Aims of Curriculum Evaluation
    3. Educational Goals and Curriculum Objectives
    4. Designating Evaluation Studies
  8. Curriculum and Development
    1. Introduction
    2. Educational policies and Development Trends
    3. Educational and Development in Asian Region
    4. Analysis and Comparative study of current projects and plans
    5. Education and Productive skills Development in Asian Region
    6. Education and Rural Development

Recommended Texts:

  1. Oliva, P.F. (2015). Developing the Curriculum. (4th ed.). New York: Longman
  2. Nicholls, A., & Nicholls, S. H. (2018). Developing a curriculum: a practical guide. UK: Routledge

Suggested Readings:

  1. Berry, R., & Adamson, B. (Eds.). (2011). Assessment reform in education: Policy and practice (Vol. 14). USA: Springer Science & Business Media
  2. Wiles J.W & Bondi J.C., (2014). Curriculum development: A guide to practice (9th Ed.). UK: Routledge.

Web-based Resources materials

Leslie Owen Wilson’s ‘Curriculum index’ offers an overview of curriculum development and planning.

This is a self-directed module on curriculum theory, design, and assessment.

Course Material