Course Description and Objectives of learning

The course of ‘’Reference services and information sources’’  is designed  for the students of MA Information Management 1st semester to enable them the following knowledge and skills.

  • Concept of reference material in the library, concept of Reference counter/desk, Reference section..
  • Reference Services, Reference Interview
  • Importance of Reference Services in the libraries and Information centers.
  • Difference between reference material and other library information resources.
  • Some important Reference services CAS, SDI  etc.
  • Concept of direct and indirect reference assistance to the library members.
  • Reference sources and tools
  • Selection criteria for reference tools

    Evaluation Process:      Total Marks:     100

    Mid-term exam.  30 marks,      Final term exam. 50 marks+ Sessional marks.20                                                                                         (05 Attendance, 05 Assignments, 05 presentation, 05 for viva)

    Time table


    08-00-- 09-30 AM

    9-30 - 11-00 AM

    11-00 - 12-30 AM


    Reference and Information Sources & Services(INFM-6206)













    Reference and Information Sources & Services(INFM-6206)






    Reading Material

    Cassell, Kay Ann, and U. Hiremath. Reference and Information Services in the 21st Century: An Introduction. London: Facet 2009.

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Course Material