Course Description and Objectives of learning

The course of ‘’Introduction to classification’’  is designed  for the students of MA Information Management 1st semester to enable them to have the following knowledge and skills.

  • Concept of library material management, concept of classification in general and with special reference to library management. Role of Classification of Information resources in each format within the library. Importance of classification in organizing the information resources. History of classification in organizing libraries and information centers from traditional to modern digital and virtual libraries and information centers
  • Kinds of classification, library classification schemes.
  • Kinds of library classification schemes.
  • Components of library classification schemes
  •  qualities of a good library classification scheme
  • Reading the information resource technically to determine its subject for classification.
  • DDC scheme its detailed introduction with its merits and demerits, auxiliary table, index, schedule, notation.
  • UDC and LCC schemes their brief introduction, Role of computer in organizing and classifying information resources

Evaluation Process:   Total Marks:  100

Mid-term exam:    30 marks +  Final term exam:  50 marks, Sessional:   20 arks:                                                                                                       (05 Attendance, 05 Assignments, 05 presentation, 05 for verbal questions viva)



08-00-- 09-30 AM

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(INFM-6203) Introduction to Classification




(INFM-6203) Introduction to Classification









Course Material