Course:  Applied Cataloguing (LIS-308)

Program:  BS Library and Information Science 6th semester (Regular+Self Support)

Credit hours:   04

Instructor:  Muhammad Ahmad Shah


Course Description and Objectives of learning

  • The course is designed  for the students to enable them selecting the suitable format of catalogue for applied cataloguing to display the collection of library and information center to make aware the library users about the existing material and its location within the library, to enable and equip the students concerning skills for preparing catalogues in various inner forms to develop a user friendly catalogue providing maximum access points to facilitate the information seekers. To enable the students for analyzing the subject and assigning subject headings to provide subject access point in the subject catalogue to enable the students for description of bibliographic data in the catalogue by following rules and regulations of some international standardized cataloguing code, to equip the students about new trends in applied cataloguing curving from print media to digital media. It further aims to implement the cataloguing skills practically according to AACR2 as well as according to RDA that is a latest cataloguing code for digital and electronic media world. To enable the students to prepare computerized catalogues online, off line and to differentiate between local, national and international standard formats for cataloguing fields as MARC 21 That is being used as computerized bibliographic format all over the world. Furthermore to enables the students develop the skills to import, export and exchange the bibliographic data of catalogue with the OPAC records of the libraries throughout the world.



Course Material