This course is devided in two parts.
First part is about the management of organizations. It provides instructions on principles of management that have general applicability to all types of enterprises; basic management philosophy and decision making; principles involved in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; and recent concepts in management. The principles learned in this course will allow the student to effectively work with and through others in an organization. The course will also encourage the students to explore and inquire the applicability of western management principles and theories in local settings. 
Second part is about principles of marketing. The basic objective of this part is to introduce the marketing concept and how we identify, understand and satisfy the needs of customers and markets. To analyse companies and competitors and to introduce marketing strategy to increase awareness of the strategic and tactical decisions behind today’s top performing brands.
Course code: Stat-5115
Credit Hours: 03
1. Management by Robbins, S.P. & Coulter, Mary, Prentice Hall (Latest Edition)
2. Principle of Marketing by Philp, Kotler and Gary Armstrong , McGraw Hill, Co.(Latest Edition)
Course Assessment:
Final term exam: 50 marks
Final term exam: 30 marks
Sessional marks: 20 marks
  • Quiz: 5 marks
  • Assignment: 5 marks
  • Project and prsentation: 10marks


Course Material