Lesson 14 Housing of Farm Animals

Loose Housing

In loose housing system animals are not tied and there is no provision of stalls. Here animals are free to move in an open area. In this system there is a sloped roof with feeding table in the centre serving two sides at a time. On both sides there is a concrete feed alley of about 2 meters. There is a water trough for 24 hours availability of water. Each animal should have 50-75 feet2 shaded area and 90-120 feet2 open area.

This type of housing is not recommended because management of animals is difficult.

Calf Housing

Till weaning or until calves attain a body weight of about 90 kg, they should preferably be kept in individual pens. These pens may also be moveable.  These pens should have following dimensions:

  • 1.5 meter length
  • 1 meter width
  • 1 meter height

Floor of pen should be 9 inches higher from floor of barn. These pens must be provided with one bucket for feeding, one bucket for watering and one bucket or bottle with nipple for feeding milking. Floor of calf pens should be made of wooden pieces with little space among them for drainage.