Week 3: The Triarchic theory of intelligence,Components of Creativity,Emotional Intelligence and its Components

The Triarchic theory of intelligence: Sternberg focuses on how all of these intelligence factors work together. People do better when matched for a task in their strongest area of intelligence. Sternberg was more focused on improving overall performance of all three factors. The Triarchic Theory Intelligence refers to the analytic, creative, and practical aspects of intelligence.

1. Creative abilities: The ability to generate/invent new ideas.

2. Analytic abilities: The ability to analyze a problem or situation as well as compare.

3. Practical abilities: The ability to apply techniques to situations and persuade others.

  • Robert Sternberg’s Five Components of Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Ability to monitor one’s own and others emotions and feelings, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action.
  • Components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Assessing Intelligence
  • Alfred Binet and Simon
  • Lewis Terman
  • What is I.Q ?
  • Measuring Intelligence
  • Aptitude vs. Achievement Tests



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