Introduction and objectives:

To make graduates able to apply their knowledge and understanding of critical, theoretical and technical traditions to the production of original literary work. It also makes the students able to effectively communicate what it is as writers and to effectively present literary works.

Students should have the prior knowledge of English structures as well as the grammar in order to persue this cousre. This course gives the students an indepth knowledge of analysing the text between the lines and create a critical thinking. This course further helps students in creating the best possible outcomes when it comes to create something by themselves.


After this course students will be able to:

1. Students will be able to comprehend the implicit meanings behind a text

2. Students will be able to use their critical thinking for creating a new content.

3. To enable students to use their creativity into their writings effectively 

Research projects and assignments:

For the assessment of course objectives, give various assignments and project and evaluate them through their scores


Assignments can be given from the following contents

1.Handouts provided by the class instructor 

2. Discussion during lectures 

3. Selected questions out of your notebook 

Assessment criteria 

1.quiz.        10 marks 

2. Assignment.     5 marks

3.class participation   5 marks

Mid semester exams.      30 marks

Final terms.                        40 marks





Course Material