A formal, structured and sophisticated writing tofulfill the requirements for a particular field of study. The course aims at providing understanding of writer’s goal of writing (i.e. clear, organized and effective content)and to use that understanding and awareness for academic reading and writing. The objectives of the course are to make the students acquire and master the academic writing skills. The course would enable the students to develop argumentative writing techniques. The students would be able to the content logically to add specific details on the topics such as facts, examples and statistical or numerical values. The course will also provide insight to convey the knowledge and ideas in objective and persuasive manner. Furthermore, the course will also enhance the students’ understanding of ethical considerations in writing academic assignments and topics including citation, plagiarism, formatting and referencing the sources as well as the technical aspects involved in referencing.

Course prerequisites


Sentence structures


For the assessment of course objectives, give various assignments and projects during the semester and evaluate them through scores. 

Assignments content:

Assignments can be given from

The handouts provided by the instructor 

Discussion during lectures 

Selected Questions from the notebook 

Assessment criteria:


Quiz.          10 marks 

Assignments. 5 marks 

Class participation 5 marks

Mid terms.       30 marks 

Final terms.     50 marks