Description and objectives:

This course aims at teaching the students the basics of language in particular and English language in specific

1. To make students focused on their language and its usage

2. To enable students to employ their understanding in the form of speaking listening reading and writing.

3. To enable the students to improve and enhance their communicative behaviours.

4. To enable students to present and comprehend the knowledge effectively both in public as well as personally.

Learning outcomes:

1. To lead students to effective performances in communication.

2. To present themselves and their knowledge confidently in the public.

Course prerequisites


Sentence structures


For the assessment of course objectives, give various assignments and projects during the semester and evaluate them through scores. 

Assignments content:

Assignments can be given from

The handouts provided by the instructor 

Discussion during lectures 

Selected Questions from the notebook 

Assessment criteria:


Quiz.          10 marks 

Assignments. 5 marks 

Class participation 5 marks

Mid terms.       30 marks 

Final terms.     50 marks



Course Material