This course aims to provide the understanding of basic concepts of immunology and its importance in biological sciences.provides information about immunological mechanisms against different diseases.It also aims to provide the understanding of immunization and immunological tolerence .


Course Work Plan and evaluation  for:    Zoology 8th Semester     

Subject:  Immunology                           Credit hours:  4(3+1)

Course code: ZOL-632  


                           Course description

     Week 1

       Introduction to immunology, immunophysiology and immunopathology.

    Week 2

        Immunity: Natural and acquired immunity, active and passive immunity.

    Week 3

 Antigens and elicitation of immune response: antigens and their typesantigenicity and immunogenicity

   Week 4

 Factors important for immunogenicity of an antigen, cell mediated and humoral     nature of antigen.

  Week 5

  Immunoglobulin: synthesis of antibodies and theories of antibodies synthesis.

  Week 6

   Detection of antigen-antibody reactions: in vivo and in vitro reactions. Monoclonal antibodies: importance, synthesis, isolation and applications.

   Week 7

 Mid term exams

   Week 8

  Major histocompatibilty complex: types and importance, diversity in MHC   proteins.

   Week 9

  Cellular basis of immune response: origin of lymphocytes, primary and     secondary lymphoid organs, specific response of lymphocytes to antigen     stimulation

  Week 10

  Hypersensitivity: immediate hypersensitivity, delayed type and cell mediated     hypersensitivity.

  Week 11

  Immunological tolerance and autoimmunity: Tolerance, types ,autoimmune     diseasesand involved factors

   Week 12

   Immunodeficiency diseases

  Week 13

  Immunity and immunization

  Week 14

   Immunization procedures

   Week 15

   Individual presentations + 2 Assignments+ 2 tests      (5+10+5)

   Week 16

    Lab manual and final term exams


Course Material