This course provides information on the distribution of animals and their associations in the past and to rationalize their relationship in the present time. Impart knowledge and concepts of evolution mainly on the basis of fossil record. Give understanding that fossil record also provide information about the distribution of animals in the past eras.

Course Work Plan and evaluation criteria for:     Zoology 8th Semester 



           Course description

   Week 1

  Branches of zoogeography, descriptive, casual, systematic zoogeography and     applied zoogeography

  Week 2

   Animal distribution: cosmopolitan, discontinuous, isolation and bipolar     distribution.

   Week 3

  Zoogeographical regions: zoogeographic boundaries and divisions, geographic    features,ranges,faunas and affinities of plearctic regions

  Week 4

   Zoogeographic boundaries and divisions, geographic features,ranges,faunas     and affinities of nearctic regions

  Week 5

  Zoogeographic boundaries and divisions, geographic features,ranges,faunas     and affinities of oriental region

  Week 6

   Zoogeographic boundaries and divisions, geographic features,ranges,faunas      and affinities of ethopian and Australian region


   Week 7

  Mid term exam


  Week 8

  Neotropical region.  Paleogeography: theories of continental drift and plate tectonics :pangea

  Week 9   

   Paleontology: history ,age ,shells of earth and atmosphere

  Week 10

   Igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks.

  Week 11

   Metamorphic rocks and fossil types and nature of fossils

  Week 12 

    Fossilization and geological time scale

   Week 13

    Uranium lead dating, radiocarbon dating

  Week 14

   History of man, horse and elephant

   Week 15

   Assignment + presentations+ Model designing +oral quiz (5+5+5+5)

   Week 16

     Lab manual and final term exam

Course Material