This subject is esigned to equip the students with the updated and practical knowledge of this multidisciplinary and emerging field. Biotechnology is the application of scientific and engineering principals to the processing of material by biological agents to deliver goods and services. Biotechnology involves a number of technologies centered upon growing understanding of biology at the cellular and molecular level. Biotechnological applications play an important role in health industry, agriculture and environment and are helpful in making life of human beings peaceful and comfortable.The basic aims of this course are following:

  • enable students to use the scientific methodologies for designing experimental studies and critically analyze the results.

  • To equip students with legal and ethical moral values while performing research in various biotechnology/ molecular biology sectors.

  • Course Work Plan and evaluation criteria for:    Zoology 8th Semester 

  •  Weeks

                  Course description

       Week 1

         Introduction to biotechnology and advances in vaccine development.

       Week 2

        Recombinant products expression and transgenic animals and plants.

        Week 3

       Bioreactor design: introduction to factors affecting bioreactor design.

        Week 4

       Description of a typical aspartic bioreactor and bioreactor configurations.

       Week 5

       Scale up bioreactor system, design of sterilization system and oxygen mass       transfer in bioreactor system and Fermentation broth rheology

      Week 6

       Mid term exams

      Week 7

       Product recovery, waste treatment and safety

      Week 8

      Biosensors :applications of biosensors, transducer technology, and principles of    biosensors

      Week 9

     Recombinant protein production, general aspects of heterologous protein     expression.

     Week 10

      Bacterial expression system: E.coli and Bacillus subtilis

      Week 11

     Saccharomyces cerevisae as a system for expression of heterologous proteins     and expression of yeast non Saccharomyces species.

       Week 12

       Enzymes and industry and enzyme evolution

       Week 13

       Microbial productions of pharmaceuticals.

      Week 14

       Diagnostic proteins and their role

      Week 15

       Assignment+ presentation+ Quiz (5+5+10)

      Week 16

       Lab manual and final term exams




Course Material