Objective of the course :

This is the second course of the basic sequence CalculusI, II and III, serving as the foundation of advanced subjects in all areas of mathematics. The sequence, equally, emphasizes basic concepts and skills needed for mathematical manipulation. As a continuation of Calculus-I, it focuses on the study of functions of a single variable.

Recommended Books:

1. Stewart J., Calculus, latest edition Brooks/COLE

2. Thomas, Calculus, latest Edition. Addison Wesley Publishing Company

3. Anton H., Bevens I., Davis H., Calculus, latest Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

4. Larson E. Calculus, latest edition, Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning

5. Liebeck M, 2011. A Concise introduction to pure Mathematics, CRC Press.

6. A. Kaseberg, 2004. Intermediate Algebra, Thomson Brooks/cole.

7.  Swokowski E. W., Calculus with Analytic Geometry latest edition PWS Publishers, Boston, Massachusetts

Assessment Criteria

Sessional: 20(presentation10/Assignment05/Attendence05)

Mid Term:30


Course Material