This Course will enable students to connect the algebaric concept with essential tools of calculus .Students will able to understand concept of Real line function and their graph,limit and continuity ,Derivative and Their Application,Integration and Definite Integral: 

Recommended Books:

1) Anton H, Bevens I ,Davis  Calculus: A New Horizon( 8th Edition) 2005,Jhon wiley,New York ,

2) Stewart J,Calculus ( 3rd edition) 1995

3) Swokowski EW,

4) Calculus and Analytic Geometry,1983

5) Thomas GB Finney AR,Calculus ( 11 th edition) 2005



Assessment Criteria:

Sessional:20(presentation 10/ Assignemnt05/7Attendence 08

Mid Term:30

Final Term:50

Course Material