Cr Hrs: 03

This is a specialized course aims at studying an issue, an institution or a personality in the history of Pakistan. It is a specialization, which means that it would focus on one of the above mentioned categories --- personality, the institution and issue, in depth. Moreover, it would provide leeway to department and teacher to teach different aspects of the society and the state, depending upon the expertise that the university has got. History of Pakistan bears an important place in the overall scheme of studies because of its significance in various competitive exams and other exams of the field of the history. Therefore, this course is to provide the students with a focused and detailed.

Objectives of the Seminar

Specialized Seminars are delivered on specific topics, which enable the students to select their own topic, within the sphere of the History curriculum and conduct research based on the topic. The seminar is primarily aimed to enable the students to demonstrate their ability to successfully gathering knowledge on a specific topic, developing logical arguments, and presenting their findings. The seminar also provides an opportunity for students to acquire the knowledge and skills required for their future jobs by developing logic, constructing written texts and presentations, and engaging in debates.

The students studying a period or institution or personality in the History, will prepare a formal research paper or multi-media presentation based upon primary source materials. The students are required  

1) To ensure that they understand the material.

2) To develop their presentation skills.

3) To equip themselves with new ideas for discussion.

Reading Material

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