Training is an organised activity for increasing the technical skills of the employees to enable them to do particular jobs efficiently.

In other words, training provides the workers with facility to gain technical knowledge and to learn new skills to do specific jobs. Training is equally important for the existing and as well as new employees. It enables the new employees to get acquainted with their jobs and also increase the job-related knowledge and skills.

It attempts the improvement of their performance in the present job or prepares them for a future job. Training objectives are laid down keeping in view the company’s goals and objectives. According to Edwin D. Flippo, “The purpose of training is to achieve a change in the behaviour of those trained and to enable them to do their jobs better”.

The objectives of training employees are:-

1. Job Requirements 2. Enhance Knowledge of Employees 3. Improve Job Related Skills 4. Change in Technology 5. Develop Proper Job-Related Attitudes 6. Smooth Working 7. Less Errors 8. Good Relationship 9. Helps in Facing the Challenges 10. Increase Productivity 11. Improve Quality 12. Help a Company Fulfil Its Future Personnel Needs 13. Improve Organizational Climate 14. Improve Health and Safety 15. Obsolescence Prevention and 16. Personal Growth.

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