ENG-113                                                          Communication Skills-I 3(3+0)

 Theory Cr Hrs, 3 Lab Cr Hrs, 0


1. To understand the importance and basic concepts of communication

2. To enhance the listening skills and to become an active listener

3. To enhance the reading skills and to become an active reader

4. To improve the writing skills in general

Course Outlines:

Introduction to Communication: Importance, Theories, Barriers, Components.

Seven C’s for Effective Communication

Listening Skills: Blocks, Thinking, and Feeling Notes Taking, Giving Feedback.

Reading Skills: Active Reading Techniques, Skimming,

General Reading and Careful Reading.

Introduction to Writing Skills: Planning, Drafting and Editing Emphasis and Connections

Grammar and Vocabulary: Technical and Business Vocabulary, Constructing Formal Sentences

Text Book: Murphy H. A., Hildebrandt H. W. and Thomas J.P., “Effective Business Communications”, McGraw-Hill, USA (Latest Edition).

Reference Books: T Norman S., “We’re in Business”, Longman Group Ltd., UK (Latest Edition). 2. Thomson A. J. and Martinet A. V., “A Practical English Grammar”, Oxford University Press, UK (Latest Edition)


Day  Time
Friday    2:00 pm- 04:30 pm

                  Prerequisites:     none​

                  Credit Hrs:               03

                  Tutor:                  Muhammad Maaroof Iqbal

                  Email: [email protected]

Course Assessment: 

Final Term Exam: 50 Marks

Mid Term Exam: 30 Marks

Sessional Marks: 20 Marks

  1. Presentation            05Marks
  2. Assignment             05 Marks
  3. Attendance              05 Marks
  4. Class Participation  05 Marks

Course Material