The main objective is to enable the students to express themselves in a meticulous manner. In an age of downsizing change and career insecurity, good communication skills are more important than ever. The course aims at retaining the career-oriented features that will help and recognize the approaches required in communicating at work by using new technology in giving presentations and organizing tips for speaking in meetings, interviews, seminars, and conferences. 

Course Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the students will be able:

To sensitize  their communicative behavior

To enable to reflect and improve on their communicative behavior/performance

To build capacities for self-criticism and facilitate growth

To lead towards effective performances in communication

TEXTBOOK: 1. Effective Communication Skills, MTD Training,

2. Messages: The Communication Skills Book by Matthew McKay PhD , Martha Davis PhD, and Patrick Fanning

3. Secrets of Successful Presenters: A Guide for Successful Presenters by Dr. M. A. Pa-sha&Dr. S. Pasha.

Course Title: Communication and presentation Skills

Semester: 2nd-semester Self-support

Session: 2019-2023

Credit Hours:3(3,0)

Prerequisites: none

Instructor: Muhammad Maaroof Iqbal

Email: [email protected]

Class timing:

Wednesday: 08:00am -09:30 am

Thursday: 11:00am-12:30PM

Course Assessment: 

Final Term Exam: 50 Marks

Mid Term Exam: 30 Marks

Sessional Marks: 20 Marks

  1. Presentation            05Marks
  2. Assignment             05 Marks
  3. Attendance              05 Marks
  4. Class Participation  05 Marks

Course Material