This course is intended to assist individuals in recognizing their own communication styles and how their individual styles differ from others in the workplace. Additionally, participants learn how to improve their interpersonal skills and how to maintain relationships over time. Through interactive activities, self-assessment and discussions, participants gain awareness of their communication styles and learn strategies to resolve conflict and strategies for communicating effectively.

Course Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the students will be able:

To sensitize their communicative behavior.

To enable themselves to reflect and improve their communicative behavior/performance

To build capacities for self-criticism and facilitate growth

To lead towards effective performances in communication

                  Subject:              Interpersonal skills

                   BBA 8th Semester (Regular+Self Support)

                  Course code:      BBSC-409

                    Prerequisites:     none​

                 Credit Hrs:               03

                  Tutor:                  Muhammad Maaroof Iqbal

                    Email: [email protected]

TEXTBOOK: THE Fifth discipline BY PETER SENGE, The Interpersonal communication book by Joseph A.Devito, and Communication and Interpersonal Skills by Erica Pavord and Elaine Donnelly. 

Class Timing:


                                        12:00-1:30 Pm Regular

                                         4:30-06:00 Pm Self Support


                                        12:00-1:30pm Regular

                                         4:30-06:00 Pm Self Support

Course Assessment: 

Final Term Exam: 50 Marks

Mid Term Exam: 30 Marks

Sessional Marks: 20 Marks

  1. Presentation            05Marks
  2. Assignment             05 Marks
  3. Attendance              05 Marks
  4. Class Participation  05 Marks


Course Material