EDUC-5102                                         Instructional Methods                                                  3 (3+0)

This course is designed to help future teachers put instructional theory into practice. It will provide an integrated coverage of methods of classroom instruction, management and assessment. This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to study, reflect, question, become knowledgeable about, and develop skills in selection and organization of instructional method. The course contains several lessons to include: selection of methods and materials, selection of lesson content, organizing content for effective learning, presenting lessons, and analyzing effectiveness of instruction. This course provides help to students in demonstrate the procedures and principles required for the planning and preparation of units of instruction, demonstrate the procedures and principles required to deliver the instructional process and analyze the teaching process in order to improve your own and others’ instructional abilities. Different instructional models will provide the framework for acquiring skills in developing instruction to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.


  1. Introduction
  2. Role of teacher for conducive learning Environment
  3. Personal and Professional characteristics of an effective teacher
  4. The concept of Teaching Methods, Strategies and Techniques
  5. Lesson Planning in teaching
  6. Steps in Lesson Planning
  7. Pedagogy by Level
  8. Inquiry Method
  9. Activity Methods & cooperative learning
  10. Demonstration Method    
  11. Discussion Method
  12. Student Motivation
  13. Teaching Skills
  14. Teaching Tools


Recommended Texts:

  1. Arends, R. I. (2016) Learning to Teach (7th ed.). Boston: McGraw Hill International.
  2. Borich, G. D. (1996). Effective teaching methods. New York: Practice- Hall

Suggested Readings:

  1. Allen, M. (2009). Motivating Students Who Don't Care: Successful Techniques for Educators.
  2. Ellington, H., Percival, F. and Race, P. (2015). Handbook of Educational Technology (3rd ed.). London: Kogan Page Limited.
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Time Table

B.S Edu (reg) 2020-2024  
Wed:   8:00 to 9:30  
Thu:   8:00 to 9:30  


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