B.Ed Hons VII 

EDUC-6233                                 Research Methods in Education                                                   3(3+0)


This course  is  designed  for  B. Ed  honors  candidates  to  prepare  them  to  situate themselves  as researching  professionals  and  at the same  time enhance  their  own professional   practice.   The aims and objectives of this course are to introduce BS students to the basic concepts of language which have immediate relation to their ordinary as well as academic life. To sensitize students to the various shades and aspects of language, to show that it is not a monolithic whole but something that can be looked at in detail. The core concepts of research in linguistics will particularly be discussed. The students will further be taught and hand on practice will be given about the citation and on line research. The other objective of this course is to develop a research orientation among the students and to acquaint them with fundamentals of research methods. Further, the course aims at introducing them to the basic concepts used in research and to scientific social research methods and their approach. Some other objectives of the course are to develop an understanding of various research designs and techniques and to identify various sources of information for literature review and data collection. Lastly the aims of the course are to develop an understanding of the ethical dimensions of conducting applied research.




1.  The Nature of Educational Research

2.  Concepts, Constructs and Variables

3.  Hypotheses and Research Questions

4.  Data Collection Tools

5.  Types of Educational Research: Types of Research: Qualitative and quantitative

6.  Literature Review

7.  Methodology

8.  Data Analysis

9.  Research Proposal & Report Writing

10. The Researching professional

11.  Techniques of Reviewing Literature

12.  Writing formats & Presentation


Recommended Texts


  1. Best, J. W., & Kahn, J. V. (2019). Research in education. India: Pearson Education.
  2. Geoffrey E. Mills, L. R. Gay (2019). Educational research: Competencies for analysis and applications. (12th  Ed.). NY: Merrill- Prentice Hall.


Suggested Readings


  1. Crtswell, J. W (2019). Research design. London: Sage Publications.
  2. HEC (2012). Research methods in education. Retrieved from https://hec.gov.pk/english/services/universities/RevisedCurricula/Documents/2011-2012/Education/ResearchMethods_Sept13.pdf
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Time Table

B.Ed Hons 7th Semester   
Thursday: 9:30-11:00  
Friday: 11:00-12:30  


Course Material