Course Title: Sedimentology  (AUTUMN-2020)

Course Code: GEOL-6102:      Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Dr. Muhammad Kashif

Email: [email protected]


This course investigates the sedimentary rock record with the aim of determining depositional environments and their ages. The principles of stratigraphy and sedimentology will be used to show how environmental information can be interpreted from the rocks. Sedimentology is the study of sediment, particularly focusing on how it is transported, and deposited. Sedimentary rocks illuminate many of the details of the earth's history: effects of sea level change, global climate, tectonic processes, and geochemical cycles are all recorded in the sedimentary strata of the earth. This course will cover basics of fluid flow and sediment transport, sedimentary structures and textures, and forming the bridge between modern landforms and ancient rocks' depositional sedimentary environments.


This course will enable students will learns the basic principles of sedimentology, gain knowledge about sediment formation, sediment transportation and deposition, in addition to fossilization and paleoecology. Most common sedimentary facies and their paleontological contents. The main principles of litho, bio- and sequence stratigraphy are important part of course. Main processes and products in a range of depositional environment. Spatial and temporal development in sedimentary basin with a predictive perspective on determining facies distribution.


This course deals with advanced sedimentology in a temporal and spatial perspective. Students will learn basic understanding on how sedimentary particles are formed and characterized. Transport and deposition of sediments, sedimentary textures, structures, sedimentary facies and  depositional environments. The main sedimentary processes, various environments of deposition and the macro, micro and trace fossils will also be discussed. In addition the students will learn about taphonic processes and how fossils can be used to interpret the paleoenvironments.


1.  Boggs Jr, S. (2014). Principles of sedimentology and stratigraphy. Pearson Education.

2. Nichols, G. (2009). Sedimentology and stratigraphy. John Wiley & Sons.

3. Selected Research Papers.


Sessional: 20 (Practical+ Presentation + Assignments)

Midterm exam: 30

Final exam: 50

Total: 100

  • 75 % attendance is must for the students to appear in exam of Midterm and final

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