Geological Field Work-III   (GEOL-312)

Field based exercises, observation and plotting of geological information on topographic sheet.Study of geomorphic features.Measurement of stratigraphic sections.Recognition of structural features.Study of fossils, primary and secondary structures.Field description of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks.Report writing based on geological mapping of an assigned area and fieldwork Viva Voce and Evaluation.

Learning Outcomes:

The duration of field work will be about two weeks and is designed to identify various types of rocks, stratigraphic features, fossils, primary and secondary structures and landforms in the field. Exercise will include the construction of profiles and cross sections, out crop sketches, scan line survey and geological mapping techniques.

Text Books:

  1. Himus, G.W. and Sweeting, G.S., 1968, Elements of Field Geology, University Tutorial Press Ltd.
  2. Narayanan, V. K. (Ed.). (2004). Causal mapping for research in information technology. IGI Global.
  3. Lahee, F.H. 1987, Field Geology , McGraw-Hill.
  4. Compton, R.R. 1985, John Wiley and Sons, Geology in the Field.
  5. Barnes, J.W. and Lisle, R.J., 2004, John Wiley and Sons Basic Geological Mapping.

Assesment Criteria:

Viva Voce: 20 

Field Work : 30

Geological Report Writting : 50

Course Material