BACT -305                                        Art Criticism                                                  3(3-0)

Course description: An overview of the description, interpretation, and evaluation of visual art as practiced in the discipline of art criticism. ... Students will read a range of past and present art critics and write several examples of art criticism based on direct observation of contemporary art work






Course Contents:

  • Aestheticism
  • What is Art in general
  • Criticism of Art
  • Identification / Description/ Interpretation
  • Varieties of criticism
  • The Art and crafts Movement
  • Morales  versus Aestheticism

Recommended Books:

  • Barnett Newman Selected Writings Interviews, (ed.) by John P. O'Neill, p.: 201, University of California Press, 1990.
  • Clement Greenberg,Art and Culture Critical essays,("The Crisis of the Easel Picture"), Beacon Press, 1961 pp.:154-157
  • William C. Seitz,Mark Tobey by William C. Seitz, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1962.
  • Levin on Hopper, "An intimate biography"


Course Material