MF-509                                                           Drawing II                                                                 3(0-3)

Course Contents:

  • Still Life in Different Mediums
  • Still life with Landscapes
  • Land Scape with Exterior Interior Study
  • Study of Human Part of Bodies and Features
  • Quick Sketching of Human Figure
  • Self-portraits
  • Human Proportions of Body



This course emphasizes on the fundamentals of freehand drawing techniques and skills, so that the techniques and concepts regarding drawing will be clear. The study of natural forms, line, perspective, lifgt and shade and proportion are added the content to enhance the observational skills.

  • Recommended Books:
  • The Art of Drawing by Giovanni Civardi
  • Drawing Foundation Course by Paul Thomas and Anita Taylor
  • Drawing Techniques by Giovanni Civardi
  • Hand Outs
  • Student Notes
  • Master Drawing by Tatiana Ilatovskaya

Course Material