Course Description:

The history of the world before 1500 is a voyage to the roots of modern humanity. This course surveys the development of society from Paleolithic times to the Reformation. Lectures provide the broader historical contexts, and also focus on several facets of selected cultures, such as the development of religions and philosophy and rhetorical tradition. In addition to lectures, the course will explore pre-1500 world societies through reading and discussions, films, and other class activities.

Course Objectives: 1. Gain familiarity with some of the main events and ideas in pre-1500 World History. 2. To understand the origins of humankind and the development of civilization. 3. To comprehend classical and medieval societies. 4. To comprehend the development of religious traditions and philosophical systems in ancient history. 5. To learn about non-Western civilizations. 6. The ability to think critically about the discipline of history. 7. To develop a sense of historical continuity by understanding historical process. 8. The ability to discern, assemble, and evaluate relevant evidence bearing on a historical argument.

Readings: Required Texts:

 Epic of Gilgamesh Tsai Chih-chung, Zhuangzi Speaks Lucien Febvre, Life in Renaissance France Study Guide & Course Pages: Lecture Outlines and Key Terms are in a Study Guide posted alongside other useful Course Pages in CANVAS. The Course Syllabus and the Study Guide also are on the Professor's 

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For information on historical timelines, content, and maps please view the World Civilization Library Guide. 1. 2.

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