This course explains why construction materials behave the way they do. It covers the construction materials content for undergraduate courses in civil engineering technology and related subjects and serves as a valuable reference for professionals working in the construction industry. This subject only gives a brief description about different types of materials used in building construction for members like foundation, masonry, arches, lintels, balcony, roof, floor, doors, windows, stairs, plastering, painting and other general topics. Properties of various construction materials, their uses and different applications are discussed in this subject. It provides information about all the building materials generally used its types, properties and uses. Most of these structures are large in scale such as bridges, buildings, and dams. Materials that are widely used in the civil engineering technology practice include reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry, wood, structural steel, aluminum, and polymers.




  1. Bricks, Blocks and Tiles: Manufacture of bricks and blocks and its classifications, standard tests of bricks and blocks and characteristics of good bricks and blocks, process of manufacture of tiles.
  2. Stones: Characteristics of good quality stones, dressing of building stones, Location of stone queries in Pakistan
  3. Aggregate: Properties of aggregates for Roads, Railways and Concrete , Los Angeles Abrasion Test, crushing strength,   gradation, soundness test for aggregates
  4. Water, Lime, Cement & Timber: Qualities of water used for concrete mixes. Tests and uses of lime. Methods of manufacture and storage of cement in different conditions. Characteristics, properties and performance of Pakistani timber used in constructions. Seasoning and preservation of wood. Use of plywood, hard board and chipboard in constructions
  5. Paints and Varnishes: Types of paints, Composition, preparation and application of paints, varnishes and distempers in building works
  6. Metals: Characteristics and uses of Ferous and non- Ferous metals and their alloys.
  7. Glass and Plastics: Varieties, properties and uses of glass, plastics. Properties and uses of asphalt, bitumen, rubber, asbestos and its products, plastic pipes
  8.  Masonry:   Bonds   in   brick   masonry   and   their   formation   in   building construction, Scaffolding and its importance in construction work. Columns, lintels and slab construction in buildings
  9. Construction: Foundation for walls and piers. Load bearing walls in brick and masonry construction, composite walls cavity construction, concrete framed. structures panel walls,


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  2. Edward, A & Joseph, I (2013). Fundamental of Building Construction Materials and Method. USA: John Wiley & Sons. NY

Suggested. Readings

  1. Duggal, P. & S. K. (2010). Building Materials. New Delhi, India: New Age International.

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