Course Description:
This course will deal with the fundamental principles upon which the
American republic is conducted. It will examine the working of the
Executive, Legislative and the Judicial Branches of the US Constitution.
The historical background will include the developments from Articles of
Confederation to the framing of the Constitution in the Constitutional
Convention of 1789. The course will especially cover the topics of
federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances and the power of
judicial review. Topics like Cooperative Federalism, Horizontal
Federalism, Constitutional Construction, Exclusive Powers, Implied
Powers and Inherent Powers will also be included in the lecture-plans. The
Course will also include the first ten amendments to the US Constitution
known as ‘Bills of Rights. Important political philosophies such as ‘
Himaltoniansim, Jefforsonianism along with the leading cases decided by
the US Supreme Court will be part of the course contents.
Learning Outcome:
Upon completion of the Course student should be able to know about:
 Constitution of United States
Brief History of Conventions leading The Passing of American Constitution
Important Characteristics / Salient Features
Congress, its two Houses – Legislative Procedure
Senate and its role
Separation of Powers
President-His election, Powers and checks on him
Its role in development of constitution
Judiciary as a champion of civil liberties
Rigidity-Procedure of amendments
Constitutional and other rights

 Leading Cases
Recommended Books:

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2. Lockhort,, William B. et al. The American constitution:
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LLB (5 YEARS) Page 2

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